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I got a call from my older sister in 2005 about my energetic 6 year old nephew who was bouncing off the walls. The next year, i signed him up for youth football. Little did i know that my nephew will tell all of his friends. By the end of the week, 13 kids showed up to be signed up for football. The following year, 50 kids showed up. It was then that my journey in the fitness world began. 

I discovered a passion for personal training much like my experience with sports performance training, and wanted to help people.  When people achieve their fitness goals, their progress spurs me to encourage clients and others to make a healthy lifestyle as part of their life's goal. 

Meet Our Founder

Rashid S. Fullah

Rashid Fullah is a proud graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He is passionate about health and fitness and its benefits to living a healthy lifestyle. He believes and is committed to nurturing each individual's potential and building upon their ability to achieve their fitness goals.

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