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What We Offer

We pride ourselves in providing a world-class training program for clients looking to improve their health and physical appearance through physical assessments and an individualized program design. Our commitment to help our clients achieve their fitness goals and needs goes beyond the gym, we make ourselves available to our clients whenever they need us.

We are committed to working with our personal training clients with a strong passion for fitness, constantly seeking knowledge on how to get better, and providing optimal customer service that ensures 100% satisfaction to our clients.

We will travel to our clients' locations and work with their availability in order to meet their needs. WBG Sports & Fitness is dedicated to providing a customized program with a science proven approach for our clients.

Areas We Serve

We serve clients in the Washington metropolitan area or the DMV area, which includes:

• Washington, D.C.

• Maryland

• Virginia

One on One Training

Complimentary Assessment

Posture Correction Weight Loss Training

Muscle Toning

Strength & Cardio Training

Nutritional Advice

Free Bootcamp classes across Washington DC

Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private training program consists of 5 or less clients. We provide an individualized program for each client but in a group setting. This program is beneficial for clients that like exercising in a group  and those looking to save money while training.

Group Training

Our group training program consists of 5+ clients. We provide an individualized program for each client but with the confines of a group setting. Clients that love the camaraderie of group sessions will benefit from this program. 

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