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A Few Words From Our Clients

Aerica B.

Rashid has helped me feel stronger, healthier, and more conscientious. He challenges me but also meets me where I am. I'm excited to continue working with him, setting goals and learning more about fitness.

The Akinwandes'

Rashid Fullah and WBG Sports and Fitness always provide great motivation and personal training exercises. As a result, my wife and I have lost 10Lbs each in less than three weeks. To crown it all, I’m pain free and feel closer to 40 than 70 now. My wife also tapped from this miracle as she enjoys pain-free knees now. Praise the Lord! My wife, children and myself, want to thank WBG Sports and Fitness for your great weight loss program and easy to follow weight loss strategy. Thanks for bonding and connecting. My family is Divine, it’s unique and it’s a complete package. God bless all of us together!

Vadim V.

I hired Rashid two years ago to train my wife and myself. We have both seen improvements to our physical strength and well-being. Rashid takes things personally and seriously get the job done to achieve our fitness goals. He really cares to make you better!! 

Laurel S.

My two sons started training with Rashid in May of 2018; one for basketball and one for football. I was impressed with Rashid's techniques, patience and ability to individualize their workouts.

I'm no stranger to trainers and classes - but i tore my ACL in 2013 and the resulting in activity triggered a host of physical ailments: weight gain, bad back and arthritis to name a few. I've been to many physical therapists and i've made progress but with Rashid, I've felt he's had more faith in my ability to become physically fit than any of my previous PTs. And it shows.

In 6 weeks I've been working with him, my BP has lowered into the normal range, my A1C is down to almost normal, i can walk longer distances and things are looking up. It's hard but he's patient and persistent in getting me to step up my game.

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